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Referral Program



The biggest honor a photographer can receive is when a client refers a friend or family member. This means that not only did you like your photos, you also enjoyed the experience enough to want others to experience it as well. 

That's why I'm giving back to you. It's because of my loyal clients and supportive followers that I have been able to bring joy to hundreds of clients over the years. 

So here's how it works.


You don't even have to be a past client!



Here's the bottom line: 

You refer someone > they book > you get a credit. 

It's that easy. 

Tell everyone you know about Sarah M Photography and tell them to mention your name when they book.  If they book a wedding, you get a $100 credit. If they book a portrait session, you get a $40 credit! Credits can be used for prints and products OR towards session fees. 

You can even save up your credits to get a free session! There's no limit to how much referral credit you can save up!


When do I receive my credit?


After your referral books and completes their session, I will contact you to let you know how many referral credits you have and ask if you prefer to save them or use them up.


How can I make referrals?


Easy! Just tell everyone you know about Sarah M Photography! People trust other's experiences more than just a Google search.

Share images on social media- either yours or ones that you love. Businesses don't get a ton of reach with photo posts on social media unless they pay for it. Making a referral could be as easy as you sharing an image to FB or IG or including it your story- someone sees it, loves it, mentions they saw it from you, and books. BOOM. Instant credit.




Fine Print

  • There's no limit on the amount of credit you can earn!

  • You can use your credit towards print & products or session fees

  • You can use your credit towards any type of session

  • Referrals who book a portrait session earn $40 in credit

  • Referrals who book a wedding session earn $100 in credit

  • Multiple credits won't be given to the same referral

  • Credits must be redeemed within 1 year from date of the credit

  • Credits are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash 

  • Credits are not retroactive- cannot be used towards past referrals or as refunds


What are you waiting for? 


You can start by leaving a review on google- share it to your social media to encourage people to book and earn your way to awesome photo shoots and goodies. 

I sincerely THANK YOU for being loyal all these years. Here's to you!

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